Wednesday, November 27

Thanksgiving Vacation

Today was my first official day of doing only what I wanted, not what I needed, planned to kick off once I shipped my kids to school for the last day before their 6 days off.


After over 24 hours of snow, rain and freezing rain, and another layer of snow and their vacation started with early dismissal yesterday!

And? I'm sick. Sore throat, running nose, aching face...*moooooaaaaannnnn*

And I had plans! Editing. Soap making to sell at a Christmas festival (and I'm really running out of time for this). More editing. Wrapping the few gifts I've already bought so they still can't see them when they inevitably go snooping. Possibly more editing. Noodle making - my contribution to tomorrow's dinner. Most definitely more editing.

Well, I've managed to the noodles, wash dishes, put clothes in the washer. 

I also managed to watch this a clip on Dr Who...cause I'm obsessed! Check my Wattpad status. Comment on a ton of Facebook NaNoWriMo posts.

Oh, and shower. I did shower!

Now I'm listening to Christmas music on Pandora to drown out the kids' movies while convincing me I want to return to editing. ...I think Blogger has just gave me another way to procrastinate... I really do....

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