Friday, November 29

Black Friday and Good Friends

Black Friday...a day to go out and trample fellow humans to get more things you don't need after a day of giving thanks for all you already have.

Unless you're like Pittsburgh dad, then you do it begrudgingly:

Except me. I stay home. Usually.

Today I did go to Eat'n'Park, but only to see some high school friends I haven't seen since, well high school.
Okay, I have seen the one since before that but the other it truly was since we were in school.

I'm sure the workers and patrons alike were more than ready to see us move our party out out as we repeatedly filled our buffet plates with breakfast between bouts of jokes, giggles and out right laughter. Some guy actually told us to clean the eggs out from under the table (cackling hens...haha - yep, that's sarcasm you hear).

Here's to the holidays and seeing old friends!

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