Sunday, October 26

I'm Trying to Make a Comeback

I use to blog. A lot. But, that was 7 years ago and somewhere along the way I lost some of the interest. Or maybe the desire?

Anyhow, recently I wrote a book and even managed to have a publishing company interested enough to pick it up. As in, publish it. It's actually set to be available within a couple weeks.

What's the connection? you ask. Well, blogging is a great way to connect with current and future readers. Only, I'm rusty. No, not on the writing part; just, writing in this context. Writing scenes, dialogues, human experiences as I fantasize about them is significantly different than managing to tell you about my own hum-drum life in such a way you'd find interesting. For the most part, life does lack a bit in dramatic flare, it's the presentation that makes it seem worthy of reality show. Or, at least a good blog read.

So, here I am, trying to give you insight into my personal life through rose colored glasses I've carefully tinted with creative word play. With enough practice I just might get decent at this again.

The Delicious Scent of Fermentation and Decay

Fall is unique. Interesting at best. What people tend to find romantic and beautiful about the season is, in fact, the many signs of impending death. And that's what I love about it.

Morbid, I know. I'd say I'm sorry, but why apologize for true facts?

The gorgeous leaves of yellow, orange and red is simply a sign that they've reached their life's peak. And, that sweet, unique smell of fall when the sky is clear and the air is crisp is actually the scent of those dead leaves rotting into the ground. It's the only scent of rot and decay people actually enjoy. Look forward to, even.

Other than the crisp, clear air and that unique scent, fall really isn't a favorite season of mine. I do enjoy it, don't get me wrong. I enjoy wearing sweaters, hot cups of coffee or tea on a chilly day, delicious soups, and, ultimately, the proximity of winter. But, I suppose that's for another day.

Unfortunately, the last four weeks in my house has stunk of fermenting cabbage. We decided to make sauerkraut for the first time ever. Last night we finally finished the process by canning 38 pints of the fruits of our hard labor. Well, 37...can you guess what we're having for Sunday dinner?

If I manage to return I just might post some pictures...who doesn't love some good food porn?

Monday, January 6

Snowed In

Or rather ice-d in!

It rained all night last night then this morning, just before sunrise, it stopped and the temperatures started to drop.

First my kids' had a two hour delay. Then my first client rescheduled, then the next...then, well, the whole day developed into staying home and listening to the kids scream.

But, the mail lady did deliver and lookie what I got in the mail:

Now, if only they'll keep me warm because it was already only 4*F by 4:00 PM and I can already feel the temperatures dropping and the dampness creeping in.

Sunday, December 15

Loving Winter

Winter has blown in. Again! We got nearly 8 inches of snow yesterday.

Actually, I'm okay with it. I don't mind the winter. Too much. As long as I don't have to be out in it...

..wait, did I just say that? OMG! I'm getting old!

Well, at least I captured my childhood soul while writing a winter poem for the Twelve Days of Christmas collection on Wattpad. I tried to embed the link but apparently that wasn't possible, so you'll just have to use this link. It seems fitting my contribution posted on the very day I got slammed with so much snow!