Sunday, October 26

I'm Trying to Make a Comeback

I use to blog. A lot. But, that was 7 years ago and somewhere along the way I lost some of the interest. Or maybe the desire?

Anyhow, recently I wrote a book and even managed to have a publishing company interested enough to pick it up. As in, publish it. It's actually set to be available within a couple weeks.

What's the connection? you ask. Well, blogging is a great way to connect with current and future readers. Only, I'm rusty. No, not on the writing part; just, writing in this context. Writing scenes, dialogues, human experiences as I fantasize about them is significantly different than managing to tell you about my own hum-drum life in such a way you'd find interesting. For the most part, life does lack a bit in dramatic flare, it's the presentation that makes it seem worthy of reality show. Or, at least a good blog read.

So, here I am, trying to give you insight into my personal life through rose colored glasses I've carefully tinted with creative word play. With enough practice I just might get decent at this again.

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