Sunday, November 24


It's so tedious. No, really. Long. Painstaking. Mind numbing? Not nearly as fun as writing!

I printed out the entire book and I'm slowly making changes with pencil and highlighter then repeating the process in the computer. One chapter at a time. Then I copy and paste it on Wattpad...go have a look. I'll wait. Seriously.

I'm currently starting chapter 7. I'm a bit worried that I'm not making any mass changes, that either I'm too cocky. Or lazy. Or...I don't know what.

Anyhow, I'm pushing forward. I have an idea for the next book, a spin off with a character from this one. But, I don't want to do anything until I've finished editing or I'd probably never finish it.

Anyhow, if you manage to pop over to my profile, have a good read. Post a comment. Maybe show some love.

As for me? back to editing!

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