Wednesday, October 23

It's a cold morning with a sharp promise of snow in the air. And on the weather channel. It hasn't happened yet.
I saw off two slices of my homemade bread and pop them in the toaster, fill a mug with milk and place it in the microwave before punching numbers and the start button then bring in a few pieces of wood while I wait for breakfast to be ready.
Once I've buttered my toast and mix chocolate in my warm milk I'm ready to settle down to the sounds of music from Frank Sinatra era and read a book from the local library.
At first the book Toby and the Secrets of the Tree wasn't very interwsting; the author's style seems cryptic as he skirts around major details in attmppt to exude mystery but really making it difficult for me to connect with the characters and causing me to just want to snap the book shut and go back to the library for a different book. But, I don't stop.
I look up evaluate the fire in the windowed stove and see it's burning nicely but if it's going to continue feeling the beginning of winter I should probably put another piece of wood on top the hot coals.
that's when I realize despite having yesterday off I really wish I had another day. In fact, a whole week or two would be nice. For the last couple of years I've been on this weird journey of constantly looking for something new to do, different skills or job opportunities. For the most part they've not ended greatly and I eventually return to fully focus on my massage business but once again I'm plagued with the idea of wanting a change, needing a change.
or maybe just some time off. Briefly I think of being a stay at home mom. That would probably last about 2 days before I get restless. Maybe all I really need is just a week off, to do what I want...or rather, knot do anything but sit around and read. And maybe do some writing. I would imagine a whole week of no obligations would probably make me restless enough I'd feel refreshed and ready to go back to work.
Until I manage to scratch off a week I'll go back to reading my book. It is getting a little more interesting.

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