Monday, November 4


I've said for years I've wanted to write. I've even started writing probably over half a dozen books in the last decade but never manage to finish.

Along with that, I always manage to state my plans to participate in NaNoWriMo but never succeeded there either.

Except this month. I planned hardcore all of October, specific characters brewing in the back of my mind the whole month with specific events, milestones if you will. Climaxes I believe is the writers' term. I don't care, all I knew is this book was practically writing itself and all I needed to do was start putting it on paper.

So, in preparation I started writing character names, location names, business names. Then I started adding descriptions. Plot ideas. Conversation ideas that I thought could be a fit, somewhere.

And, Nov. 1st I started writing.

The goal, for those of you who may not know, is 50,000 words a month - a very broad guess of what could equal a complete novel. Roughly 1,667 words a day. It started among a few friends who always stated they wanted to write someday but never seem to have the time. Or initiative. One day they chose a month, a deadline and just wrote...but I digress...

I've managed to supersede my daily word count and I'm falling madly in love with my main characters. I look forward to writing because even though I've set out paths for where I want to go I occasionally find different, better routes as I write. And, I just go with it.

The last scene I just finished has me so excited I can barely contain myself. I want to share it with everyone, but most the people I actually know really don't have much interest in ready books in general let alone the genre I'm writing (Chic Lit, in case you couldn't guess - what can I say, I'm a complicated person!).

I reread it, which is highly advised against during this month since the idea is to just write. Don't worry about anything, just write. Write under the pressure of a deadline and edit later.

So, I'm writing! I just had to pause for a moment and dance with glee because I wasn't planning on this scene but I'm in love with it..., back to writing.

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