Monday, October 14

Working Out Some Kinks

I don't even know where to begin, I've had this blog for so long. And, under several different names too.

But, my life has been making a slight shift in another direction (albeit, one that's pointing me back to here despite being gone for the last couple of years) and I'm trying to work everything out along and I'm struggling with a real conundrum:
keep this blog and just keep adding to it
or, form a new blog...and if so do I delete this one 
I haven't come up with any new answers, but I've grown a lot since this ole blog and feel as though I don't want it to being hanging around the world wide web as I attempt to move forward. So, I kind of meshed the two options by keeping this blog but unpublishing all my previous work. I may eventually re-add a few here and there.

Then again, maybe not.

I do hope if some of you that once followed come back. And I greatly welcome any new readers!

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